Heavy earth quake in Pakistan today | LIVE UPDATE

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There’s a heavy earth quake at 9:50 PM in Pakistan and its premises.

It continually jolted for more than 80 seconds. This shock is observed throughout the country.

Recent earthquake details confirmed by seismic data are as follows:
Preliminary info: M7.4 earthquake
About 70 km SE of Fayzabad, Afghanistan
Local time 21:17:24
The center of this jolt originated from Afghanistan. The shock of this jolt is observed throughout the country.

The earthquake magnitude in Pakistan is recorded at 6.8 on the Richter scale while the entire region had an impact of 7.7 magnitude with the strong tremors felt in Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, Tajikistan and China.

There are no immediate reports of any emergency situation anywhere in Pakistan because of the earthquake. Hoping for no damage or loss of lives.

This is a developing story

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