Hassanabad Hunza Bridge collapse on KKH

Hassanabad Hunza Bridge Collapse | Another Rental Burden to GB Govt. by FWO

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Chinar Bagh bridge rent paid to FWO is more than three times the total construction cost by the GB government since 1980. A large portion of the development budget for the Hassanabad temporary bridge has also been cut in the form of rent. This contractor company will benefit in every way.

In principle, the entire responsibility for the collapse of the Hassanabad RCC Bridge falls on the FWO. As a result, the pillar of the bridge could not withstand the pressure of the flood. The surveying engineers from both parties should also be penalized.

The Gilgit Baltistan government should investigate the collapse of the Hassanabad Bridge. The full cost of the RCC Bridge and compensation should be legally recovered from the responsible authorities.

GB govt. seems to be supporting some big fishes in the contractor community. The contractor mafia is becoming strong and stronger which results in the exploitation of the social resource.

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