Haldi Cones Khaplu Ghanche

Haldi Cones – An Unexplored Jewel of Khaplu Ghanche

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Haldi Cones are a group of granite peaks located in the Haldi village of Ghanche. This group of peaks located in the Karakoram range.
There are two famous groups of mountains or cones located in Gilgit Baltistan. Passu cones and Haldi cones are eye-catching for tourists.

ViewPoint of Haldi Cones

These are multiple viewpoints of Haldi cones. Saling valley, Yochung valley, Machulu valley, and Haldi village itself are the best sightseeing locations of Haldi cones. Machulu village is the best viewpoint among others.

How to travel Haldi Cones?

Haldi village is about 30km from Khaplu. Traveling time is around 45 minutes. There is no quality residential hotel in Haldi. Hushe valley can also be approached via Haldi village.

Skardu to Haldi cones Khaplu is around 130km and 3 hours of travelling distance. Haldi cones has far more better view than the famous Passu cones. Its one of the UNEXPLORED JEWELS of Gilgit baltistan.

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