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Government Job or Private Job? Most difficult to choose career path

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Fresh graduates are the most confused men on the planet. They are having multiple options to choose and none in hand at the same time. Fresh graduates have to decide the way immediately after getting the clean chit from the university either to go with a private job or to opt for a government department. The procedure to follow each is the opposite. It’s merely possible to catch both at the same time.

If your priority is to go after a Sarkari Naukari, you should encapsulate yourself within a room with some selective books for the next one or two years. You must not detract yourself from the mission to memorize some hundred pages to pass the exam to get through into a government department.

On average, it took a year or two to pass a targeted exam. After that, life becomes a steady floating boat that never sinks. Government job in Pakistan is known to be one of the most comfortable career options which handsome money and power.

The other option is to opt private company which either be a local or an MNC. Survival in this sector is very tough, you have to be enough competitive, innovative and creative. The start of a career in this field is very tough, you will become an office bearer from day one. You might have to work at the cost of labor, every second man will try to reprove your performance. Your every action must be within the guideline of the company and should be pragmatic.

The ultimate outcome of a private job you will get in the form of utmost growth, money, and perks. In a rough fiscal analysis, a private job will pay you the same amount within 20 years as compared to the entire service of a government job.

But in the end, priorities matter the most. The mindset of a mediocre Pakistani is to get a government job to eat and sleep for the rest of your life. For anyone having the same mission, I would strongly recommend going after a government job immediately.

At the same time, a private job is nothing more than a survival war. It is truly a very challenging job to survive and grow. But once you are on the track, you become unstoppable.

Contrary to a private job, Sarkari Naukari is a lot more powerful, easy, and like a single running marathon.

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