Gilkey Memorial K2 basecamp

Gilkey Memorial K2 BaseCamp; Promontory of unspoken dying declarations

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Gilkey Memorial K2 is a tomb-like horn at K2 Base Camp that commemorates climbers who have died while climbing on K2’s dangerous slopes. Art Gilkey, who died on K2 mountain in 1953. Gilkey memorial named after him. The memorial hill which is dedicated to the fallen mountaineers is around a 1-mile hike from Concordia.

The Gilkey Memorial at K2 basecamp is full of mess plates with punches notes, marble, and metals plaque of climbers who lost their lives while attempting K2

Gilkey Memorial of Jhon Snorri and Ali Sadpara

Jhon Snorri’s wife Lina wish to set forth her husband plaque on Gilkey memorial. Sajid Sadpara, Snorri’s winter expedition companion had fulfilled the Lina’s wish to poster Snorri’s plaque.

Sajid Ali Sadpara shared the plaque of the Pakistani legendary mountaineer Muhammad Ali Sadpara:

Muhammad Ali Sadpara’s plaque on Gilkey Memorial K2

During this assignment, Sajid Sadpara showcased many memorial boards of his father Muhammad Ali Sadpara. Sajid thanked all those by stating;

People’s unconditional love for their hero, in the remotest corners of Karakoram. Thank you for the known and unknown fans of Muhammad Ali Sadpara.”

Sajid Ali Sadpara

Gilkey Memorial at K2 basecamp is very familiar place to the victims’ families of K2. This memorial has many secret unspoken dying declarations.

Lifes lost on K2 in 2022

The first dead on K2 in 2022 reported on July 22, 2022. Afghan climber Ali Akbar Sakhi has lost his life due to cardiac arrest at Camp4 of K2 Peak. He was the first climber from Afghanistan to attempt world’s second highest mountain.

Mountaineer Ali Akbar Sakhi from Afghanistan who died on K2 during the summit mission.
Mountaineer Ali Akbar Sakhi (Afghanistan)

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