Gilgit to China border travel guide

Gilgit to Sost Dry Port and China Border Travel Guide | Travel Guide

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Gilgit city to the China border takes around 7 hours of traveling. this long journey passes through some high-rated tourist destinations.

the complete travel guide from Gilgit city to the China border is as follows:

  • the travel journey starts from Gilgit city crossing Daniyor bridge to Nagar valley. Gilgit city to Nagar valley takes 3 hours of travel. you can explore the following destinations in Nagar valley; Rakaposhi view point, and Nagar valley.
  • the next destination is Karimabad Hunza. which is very famous and one of the most visited places of tourists in Gilgit baltistan. Nagar to Karimabad takes 1 hour and Gilgit to Karimabad takes 4 hours of traveling. you can explore the following destinations in Karimabad Hunza: Altit Fort and Baltit fort.
  • Attabad lake is the next destination which is 1 hour away from Karimabad Hunza. Hussaini Suspension bridge and Passu Cones are a few minutes away from Attabad Lake.
  • Sost Border is 1 hour away from Attabad lake Hunza.
  • The China border is a 1.5-hour drive from the Sost border.

The China border is one of the most visited places in Gilgit Baltistan. The weather at the China border is so cold, snow falling most of the day time, beautiful scenic views and lush green hills. the total travel time to the China border from Gilgit city is 7 hours.

The bike trail could be the best on this road. Road condition from Gilgit to Sost port or China border is smooth and good.

Sost dry port and China border should not be missed during the Hunza trip.

Sost valley is the border line of Pakistan and China. The last populated village on Khunjerab is Sost valley.

The valley of Sost has very cold weather and most of the businesses in import runs from there. The Sost dry port is named after this valley.

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