Should Gilgit-Baltistan be a separate province or remain part of Kashmir?

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A public opinion post on twitter asking a most difficult question about the future of Gilgit Baltistan; Should Gilgit-Baltistan (GB) be a separate province or remain part of Kashmir?

No one can separate GB from Kashmir dispute except UN, what ever UN has promised us and directed Pakistan is local authority which mean we should have ownership on resources and self-governance secondly the most important is Pakistan can’t merge GB into his territory. Abbas Mosvi (Social activist from Gilgit Baltistan)

Dogras never annexed Kashmir,it was UK that forced kingdoms of GB(1891) to become tributaries of Kashmir. GB is different than Kashmir, historically as well as geographically. GB is the only region that fought to gain independence. We spoiled it due to the fallacy of Plebiscite. Rao

There is absolute and universal consensus across Gilgit-Baltistan to be preferably a constitutional province of Pakistan at par with other four. If not this then a vast majority in GB would rather want a mini-state of their own, an autonomous region with a shared history. S Abbas Hunzai

GB is a part of Kashmir conflict but not a part of Kashmir… the state came into being in 1846 by clubbing diverse regions into a single Monarchal state under dogras… GB should be kept the way its people wanted it to be, the outsiders shouldn’t patronize it! Majid Marazi

The State of Jammu & Kashmir was an oppressive satrapy of the British Empire. It is, however, the political entity whose dispensation is the objective of UNSC resolutions of 1947. If Pakistan fiddles with its legal boundaries, it destroys its case in the UN. Tariq Ahsan

GB should be separate province! But there woild be serious repercussion in a legal battle in UN, if even then we make merger, Pakistan long-lasting stand on  rest of Kashmir,mean (IOK) part and UN GA Resolutions could be abolish. Shakeel Ahmed

Kashmir must be an autonomous state giving GB a status of province or more autonomy under the self governing system of kashmir. GB is and will always  be integral part of kashmir, people who are ignorant of the fact that there is no separate solution of GB. Ammar

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