Gilgit-Baltistan: Abrupt flow of tourist towards GB

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After the amid of Covid19 hustle, Gilgit-Baltistan open for tourism now with some restriction to funnel down the viral spread across GB. Deputy commissioners of all districts of GB are in full momentum to streamline the abrupt flow of tourist in different places.

Many development have been made in Hunza region to promote tourism and rest of the district such as Skardu having the second highest load of tourist flow haven’t much interested in developing the region to polish the aesthetic of the front faces.

DC Skardu stated in his tweet about the tourist opening:

DC Skardu

Few SOP’s are also floating on social media about the entry protocol of tourist, but how they are enforcing these SOP are nothing more than a mystery. All tourists are supposed to bring Covid19 negative tested evidence. Otherwise they might have to switch the reverse gear to back home.

SOP (Dist Ghizer)

DC Gilgit tweeted regarding Gilgit-Baltistan open for tourism:

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