ghursay valley khaplu
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Ghursay valley Khaplu, A Unique Basket Making Industry
Ghursay village is located at 30 minutes of travel from Khaplu. This valley is in Tehsil Mashabrum. The uniqueness of this village is so special. The special baskets and carpets manufactured in this village can never be found anywhere else.

Churung & Kha’du

A special type of bamboo founds in Ghursay Khaplu. Locals unplug these bamboos and passed through the process. The whole process starts from drying up in summer, wetting down to gain flexibility in the spare time of winters, and finally sew up to differently design baskets.

Dawo of Ghursay

Dawo is a special type of bamboo. A single stem grew up to 10 feet on average. The stem becomes 5 6mm thick and it gradually decreases throughout the length.
There is no machine involve in unplugging to final sewing of these baskets. Ghursay village is the only source of these baskets throughout the Baltistan region.
Ghursay valley Khaplu was the largest village in Ghanche by the area around 50 years ago. An unstoppable float washed it down to the only strip of land that currently exists.

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