Ghandus Lake Kharmang, a place you never seen before

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Ghandus Lake Kharmang

Ghandus lake is located in the Kharmang District of Skardu Baltistan. The water source of this lake is snow. The level rise and fall of water is dependent on the snowfall in winter. This lake is very famous for fishing among locals. Ghandus lake holds the record for heaviest weighted fish ever captured in the Baltistan region. this lake is been never before on mainstream media as a tourist destination or under the lens of travelers and photographers. The name of this lake comes from the village where it is located, Ghandus village of Kharmang. 

This lake is known to be the hub of trout fish and other cold-water habitant fishes. Locals of the district and even peoples from Skardu city also visit there for fishing in the summer season. This lake never dries and remains filled throughout the year.

Ghandus lake has a very unique view of sky scrapper mountains around. It looks like a gem; a blue dense lake in between rocks of no greenery around. No major water channels are falling into and out of this lake. The best season to visit this location is June to August.

Track to Ghandus Lake

Pathway to Ghandus lake having three segments:

  • asphalt road from Skardu to Ghandus
  • Jeep road from Ghandus
  • Trekking to lake sight

Skardu to Kharmang road condition is quite decent and easy-going to cars. Travel time to Ghandus village from Skardu city is 3 to 3.5 hours. The travel time is based on either vehicle. after reaching Ghandus, we have to change the route towards the lake.

Cars can not approach the jeep road except 4×4 vehicles. The travel time on this muddy road is up to 45 minutes and will reach the parking area. This is the last approachable point of any type of vehicle.

Then the final stage is trekking to Ghandus lake which takes 45 minutes. The trekking route is not so easy. In comparison to the result of ‘Ghandus lake view’, the whole journey is like a glitch.

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