DHQ Khaplu Ghanche

Ghanche Protest; A Social Uprising Against the Civil Administration

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Demands of Demonstration

A huge public demonstration is underway in Khaplu Ghanche. The demands of the protester are:

  1. Immediate allocation of gynecologist in DHQ Hospital Ghanche
  2. Immediate transfer of 19 doctors of Ghanche in their home stations.
  3. Proper health facility; availability of medicines, doctors, and medical equipment

The civil administration of Ghanche is not taking any interest in the public demonstration on health issues. Deputy Commissioner Ghanche’s response to the protest is disappointing and condemnable.

This demonstration catches fire when an innocent lady was breathe her last while transferring to another medical facility form DHQ Khaplu due to unavailability of specialist.

The health ministry issued an urgent notice again in the same fashion they are doing for a decade, but the Action Committee Ghanche rejected the proposal. Civil Action Committee Ghanche demands immediate implementation of their demands.

Shutter down protest throughout District Ghanche. Public from different tiny valleys is reaching the central demonstration in district headquarter Khaplu. Action Comittee warns to not add any religious or political flavour in the protest. At the same time, action committee dusted all such allegations. The protestors are demanding their rights very peacefully.

Awami Action Committee Ghanche further added that the protest will remain active till the permanent joining of doctors. Allocation of doctors on temporary or rotation base will be rejected immediately.

Syed Nazar Abbas Kazmi is leading the protest on . Protestors chanting different slogans to calm their anger and civil administration looks helpless to control the situation.

Upon hindering the public to reach Press Club Khaplu by district police, the Awami action committee warns to do not interfere.

Action Plan

The issue is getting worsening. Public temperament is becoming uncontrollable. To curb the situation, the health director and commissioner Baltistan must take immediate action against the unlawful doctor transfer happening in Ghanche. There are reportedly 19 doctors of Ghanche who are missing from the home stations.

The rightful demands of the public of Ghanche must be fulfilled. The next action plan of protestors to reach Skardu. A minute of ignorance may cause major damage to the region. All political parties, student wings, and social welfares are participating in the social uprising movement. This social uprising is becoming uncontrollable.

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