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1. Famous Novel “The Three Musketeers” was written by

(a) Alexander Dumas (b) George Eliot (c) Thomas Hardy (d) Victor Hugo.

2. Famous English Poet John Keats died of T.B at the age of:

(a) 30 (b) 20 (c) 25 (d) 35 3. Play “Othello” was written by: (a) Shakespeare (b) Bernard Shaw (c) Russell (d) Milton

4. Famous Economist “Karl Marx” belongs to:

(a) England (b) U.S.A (c) Former U.S.S.R (d) Germany

5. The theme of the famous play “Caeser and Cleopatra” by G.B. Shaw is a: (a) Romance (b) History (c) Tragedy (d) Comedy

6. Master piece Novels “War and Peace” and “Anana Karenina” was written by

(a) Hardly (b) Oscar Wild (c) Tolstoy (d) None of the above

7. Famous English Poet “William Wordsworth” died in

(a) 1849 (b) 1850 (c) 1851 (d) 1852

8. “John Milton” was a famous English poet. What tragedy was faced by him at his old age ?

(a) Lost his son (b) Lost his eye sight (c) Lost his legs (d) Lost his all property

9. “Khushal Khan Khattak” was a famous poet of:

(a) Balochi Language (b) Urdu Language (c) Barohi Language (d) Pushto Language

10. “Abdul Latif Bhitai” was a famous poet of:

(a) Barohi Language (b) Sindhi Language (c) Urdu Language (d) Balochi Language

11. Which of the following countries is under an absolute monarchy: (a) Norway (b) Kuwait (c) Thailand (d) Oman

 12. December 3, (every year) is observed all over the world as:

(a) International Literacy Day. (b) International Civil Aviation Day. (c) International Day of Disabled Persons. (d) International Day of Human Rights.

13. The “Holy Quran” was translated first time in:

(a) Persian (b) Sindhi (c) Pushto (d) Ibrani

14. “Waris Shah” a Punjabi Poet is famous for his: (a) Heer Ranjha (b) Laila Majnu (c) Mirza Sahiban (d) Sohni Mahenwal

15. “Hayat-e-Jawaid” written by Altaf Hussain Hali is on the life of:

(a) Sir Syed Ahmad Khan (b) Ghalib (c) Saadi Shirazi (d) None of the above

16. Famous Novel “Pride and Prejudice” is written by:

(a) Jane Eyre (b) Jane Austen (c) Emily Broute (d) Byron

17. Archaeologists have recently revealed through a research that the Roman Empire was destroyed by the fatal disease of:

(a) Malaria (b) Plague (c) Influenza (d) Cholera.

18. Famous Novel “A Tale of Two Cities is written by:

(a) Thomas Hardy (b) Alexander Dumas History, Culture and Civilization 3 (c) Charles Dickens (d) None of the above.

19. An English writer known for his free translation of the “Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam” is:

(a) Byron (b) Shelly (c) Edward Fitzgerald (d) Coleridge

20. “Taj Mahal” a magnificent white marble mausoleum is situated at

(a) Delhi (b) Hyderabad (c) Ahmadabad (d) Agra

21. The only mosque in the world with six minaretes is the Blue Mosque” or the “Mosque of Sultan Ahmad”. It is situated at

(a) Tehran (b) Istanbul (c) Jaddah (d) Cairo

22. “Elysee Palace” is the official residence of:

(a) President of Italy (b) President of France (c) Prime Minister of England (d) President of Turkey

23. “Rohtas Fort” is situated near Jhelum. It was built by:

(a) Shah Jehan (b) Akbar (c) Sher Shah Suri (d) Aurengzab

24. Alexander the Great (356-323 BC) was the King of:

(a) Egypt (b) Portugal (c) Macedonia (d) Greece.

25. “Queen’s House” is the official residence of:

(a) President of Sri Lanka (b) Head of the State of Canada (c) Royal Family of Manacco (d) None of the above

26. The Height of “Empire State Building” situated in Manhattan, New York, U.S.A is:

(a) 400 metre (d) 390 metre (c) 381 metre (d) 350 metre

27. “Hyde Park” London is famous for:

(a) Beautiful Flowers (b) Remarkable Fountains (c) Public meeting and assemblage (d) Huge Area

28. We often came across the news wherein ‘Red Square” is often described. It is situated in:

(a) New York (b) Beijing (c) Lenin grad (d) Moscow

29. Among the ancient wonders of the world which one is still exists:

(a) Statue of Zeus (b) Pyramids of Egypt (c) Temples of Artemis (d) None of the above.

30. The only human achievement visible from the moon is:

(a) Hardrian’s Wall (b) The Great Wall of China (c) Wailing Wall (d) None of above

31. Salang Tunnel in Afghanistan linked Kabul with:

(a) Jalalabad (b) Mazar-i-Sharif (c) Kandahar (d) Tora Bora.

32. One of the ancient wonder “The Hanging Gardens of Babylon” were situated in:

(a) Iran (b) Spain (c) Iraq (d) Turkey

33. One of ancient wonder “The statue of Zeus (Jupiter)” was carved at about 2,400 years ago by:

(a) French Sculpture (b) Roman Sculpture (c) Greek Sculpture (d) Arabian Sculpture

34. “Temples of Artemis (Diana)” (ancient wonder) is said to have been amongst the most beautiful temples in the world. It was built in the honour of the Greek goddess of moon at:

(a) Tureky (b) Athens (c) Iraq (d) None of the above

35. “Temples of Artemis” (Ancient wonder) was built during the reign of:

(a) Namrood (b) Ceaser History, Culture and Civilization 5 (c) Alexander the Great (d) None of the above

36. An ancient wonder Mausoleum of Halicarnassus” created in 353 B.C by Queen Artemisia in memory of her husband. King Mausalus. It was destroyed by:

(a) Fire (b) Flood (c) Earthquake (d) Destroyed in battles

37. Colossus of Phodes” was the huge statute of Helios, formerly called Apollo which stood at the entrance to the:

(a) Harbour of Athens (b) Harbour of Alexandria (c) Harbour of Rhodes (d) None of above

38. “The pharos of Alexandria” an ancient wonder was situated in an Island near Alexandria. What was it.

(a) A Tower (b) A Light House (c) A Statue (d) None of the above

39. Famous wonder of the world “Leaning tower of Pisa” is situated in:

(a) France (b) Belgium (c) Rome (d) Italy

40. Length of “the great wall of China” is:

(a) 2500 km (b) 2400 km (c) 2300 km (d) 2200 km

41. The headquarters of World Trade Organization is in:

(a) Geneva (b) New York (c) London (d) Paris

42. “The Church of Saint Sophia” is among the Seven wonders of the world (later list). It is situated in:

(a) Ankara (b) Istanbul (c) Izmir (d) None of the above

43. “Dragon” is a symbol of:

(a) Russia (b) China (c) U.S.A (d) England

44. “Bear” is a symbol of:

(a) Russia. (b) China (c) Turkey (d) Egypt

45. Who is called “Lady of the Lamp”?

(a) Jane Eyre (b) Florence Nightingale (c) Mother Tressa (d) None of the above one

46. Who is called “Desert Fox”?

(a) Hitler (b) Napoleon (c) General Rommel (d) Richard Cobden

47. Who is called “Man of Iron and Blood”?

(a) Napoleon (b) Prince Bismarck (c) Eisenhower (d) None of the above

48. Who is known as “Man of destiny” and “little corporal”?

(a) Alexander the Great (b) Bismarck (c) Napoleon (d) Hitler

49. Who is the 1st Secretary General of U.N.O?

(a) U. Thant (b) Dag Hammarskjold (c) Trygve lie (d) Kurt Waldheim

50. The headquarter of U.N Security Council is in:

(a) Washington (b) New York (c) Geneva (d) Vienna

51. The Headquarter of International Atomic Energy Agency is in:-

(a) Vienna (b) Geneva (c) Berne (d) Rome

52. Among the following countries which is not the member of U.N.O.

(a) Syria (b) Switzerland (c) Lebanon (d) None of the above.

53. Which of the following historical sites of Pakistan is on the World Heritage List?

(a) Mohenjodaro (b) Takht-i-Bahi (c) Lahore Fort (d) All of the above

54. “Sir Ronald Ross” was awarded Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1902 for his work on:

  • Cholera (b) Typhoid (c) Tuberculosis (d) Malaria History,

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