Abdul Hameed RAW Agent

GB Nationalist leader Abdul Hameed, a RAW agent

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Gilgit: Nationalist leader of Gilgit Baltistan confessed in a press conference that he was hugely paid by Indian spy agency RAW, 25000 Euro per month to destabilise the region. He added that, he catalysed the means of enemy unknowingly and unwillingly and also seeks apology for his past.

Abdul Hameed also added that he also invested the payment in social development of the region but didn’t rendered the work history.

He warned youth to aware of the enemies trap to peddle such unlawful activities in the region.

This is the one side of the story. Its creating so much doubt on all nationalist leader, admitted RAW agent is free of trial is also a question mark on the law enforcement agencies. If RAW is in the muscles of GB at such scale, we all should keep the radar towards the enemy birds. It takes no time to become hundreds of Abdul Hameed, if we don’t take any measures timely. Because most of the people trapped in such act without knowing the intensity of the crime they are attempting.

Law enforcement agencies as well as local leaders should alert people and give awareness about the spying activities and also exaggerate the possible faces of enemies in our society.

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