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GB Election: Ibrahim Sanai & Shams-ud-Din are getting PTI candidate-ship to contest election

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GB Election Ghanche: Every candidate is rushing towards the powerful and most influential parties to make a big impact on public sight. Recently Ibrahim Sanai is getting PTI (Pakistan Tehreek Insaf) candidate-ship to contest GB election 2020. He has very long political history and a possibly winning candidate of his constituency. Previously, he was part of PMLn and education minister of GB.

Secondly, Boa Shams-ud-din a new player in the field of politics having big image of serving the community. His is contesting election against Muhammad Ismail known to the longest streak of election-winning record, defeated by Muhammad Shafique last year. Ismail also having a very black history of corruption and peoples around his are also dirtiest in term of deceiving the public. Many mega projects in the constituency had been sink in the hands of Ismail and his gang. Boa Shams-ud-Din is having a very optimistic image as he is recently retired from the post of headmaster (High School Thagas). He education mentor-ship produced many gems in the region and the public are very hopeful to get him in the political play. Boa Shams is also getting PTI ticket to contest election 2020.

PTI is the sitting government in Islamabad and their candidate-ship will surely boost the morale of their party workers. Both Sanai and Shams are the very first two candidates getting PTI tickets in GB.

Election campaigns are not circulating at full swing till now due to Covid19 second serge in GB. Election is also delayed by 3 months and candidates are started stretching their nerves to gather more ballot to book their seats in GBLA (GB Legislative Assembly).

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