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Fuelling Gilgiti vs Balti conflict to gain power

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Gilgit Baltistan: after the election waves, 1.5 million people’s eyes on the chief minister selection of this disputed region. After clinching the majority of seats, PTI itself is struggling to nominate its very own CM from GB. The region is exploded inevitably into groups based on caste, linguistic and religious beliefs.

Both regions are struggling hard to keep the chair on their side.

Despite electing a competent leader, a new mindset just evolved that succession by order based on linguistic territories. Abridgly, firstly Mehdi Shah elected from Baltistan region then Hafeez ur Rehman from Gilgit and now it’s Diamer’s turn to elect the CM.
Another political game is going under Gilgiti and Balti flag. To grab the seat, all party members are both regions are struggling hard to keep the chair on their side.
21st century, in the era of technology and industrial modernization, everyone is in the state of tuning themselves up to the requirement of the global village. But this disputed piece of land was first ignored by the state and then by their leader due to lack of intellectual competencies and by their prioritization of interest. unfortunately, this old fashioned territory is unaware of the upcoming social and economical suffering on their way.
From the shop floor to the CM office, every blinking eye wants to see an appointment letter of a government job of even BPS-1. Personal interests are far more superior to their collective and regional interest. Unfortunately, the elected members not even know the power of the seat they are holding. They only know how to bargain with contractor mafia, how to bribe the money by stealing the basic rights of their voters.
The reason, why the electoral selection is not more effective in Gilgit Baltistan is, the educated class and new generation is out of the town to support their families back in town because of zero existing industry if more exaggerated no employment opportunities to feed their families.

GBians should raise the flag of unity under an umbrella and should recognize the power of the constitutional assembly. Its members should also educate themselves enough to shower their constituencies with more centralize and pluralistic projects to uplift a generation, not a single puppet or a family.

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