Top 10 Free Camping Sites in Skardu

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Camping is all free in most of the destinations in Skardu. There is no charge for camping in Skardu.

The top 10 free camping sites in Skardu are:

  1. Deosai Plains Skardu
  2. Upper Kachura Lake Skardu
  3. Blind Lake Shigar, Skardu
  4. Cold Desert Skardu
  5. Sadpara lake Skardu
  6. Khamosh waterfall, district Kharmang
  7. Sogha Lake, District Ghanche
  8. Xoq valley, Skardu
  9. Basho Meadows
  10. Manthokha waterfall, district Kharmang

These are the best destinations to visit in Skardu where you can stay limitless days without any charges.

The whole Baltistan region is considered to be a free camping site. Tents and other necessary arsenals for camping can be rented from Skardu city.

Rates of tents rent in Skardu

These are the tentative rates, which may vary based on market dynamics. Roughly, you can get tents on rent in following ranges:

Casual Tent1700
Casual Tent21000
Casual Tent51500
Casual Tent81500
Rain proof tent11200
Rain proof tent21500
Rain proof tent52500
Rain proof tent83000

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