FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, Eight mega stadiums at the cost of 220$ Billion Investment

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FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 is the first instance of the football world cup happening in the Middle East. Qatar builds eight mega stadiums and huge infrastructure to host this mega event at the cost of 220 billion dollars.

Qatar is one of the smallest countries in the world having a population of fewer than 3 million people. Qatar is the smallest country in the world ever to host a football world cup, they need to manage swiftly to continue the legacy of the world cup. Qatar has reportedly invested 220$ billion dollars and it’s the most expensive FIFA world cup ever. The cost of new stadiums in Qatar costs around 7 to 10 billion dollars, the rest of the infrastructure investment is part of the broader Qatar 2030 plan.

All eight stadiums are situated within a radius of 21 miles of central Doha and all stadiums are interconnected with the metro train system. Which makes it possible to watch more than one game in a day for a spectator wishing to do so.

To cater to the summer heat of Qatar, each stadium is equipped with a solar powered cooling system. The ultra-rigged cooling technology will keep the temperature inside the stadium below 27°C and the temperature will be controllable. Only one stadium will be called the home of football afterward, one other stadium will be dismantled completely after the world cup. Half of the seats of six other stadiums will be donated to developing countries to help improve their sports infrastructure.

The list of eight stadiums build in Qatar is as follows:

  • Lusail Stadium
  • Al Bayt Stadium
  • Al Janoub Stadium
  • Stadium 974
  • Education City Stadium
  • Ahmed Bin Ali Stadium
  • Al Thumama Stadium
  • Khalifa International Stadium

Lusail Stadium

Lusail stadium will be hosting the opening fixture, the final as well as the other key matches of the tournament. This stadium is designed to accommodate 80,000 spectators and is the largest stadium in Qatar. Its design was inspired by the fanar lantern. Lusail Stadium is a characteristic of the art and craft of the golden age of the Arabs and the Islamic world. This stadium is just 10 miles away from the Doha city center. After the world cup, most seats of the Lusail stadium will be given to developing countries. The new city of Lusail would not be needed of football stadium after 2022.

Lusail Stadium FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

Al Bayt Stadium

Al Bayt stadium will stage the semifinals of the competition. It will host a total of nine matches including the opening ceremony and opening match between Qatar and Avcaodor. Al Bayt stadium has the second highest capacity of 60,000 spectators. The structure is designed like a traditional Bayt Al Sha’ar. The stadium is designed to represent Qatar’s past and present while a model of green development and sustainability. Al Bayt stadium is located just 27 miles away from the city center, it is the farthest stadium from Doha.

Al Bayt FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

Al Janoub Stadium

The futuristic design of the Al Janoub stadium is inspired by the sails of the Dhow boats of Qatar’s tradition. It has both attractive roofs and innovative cooling systems and can hold events all year around. It was designed by world-renowned architect Zaha Hadid. The funny thing about the stadium is that commentators suggested that the design resembles a woman’s private part. It was the first world cup stadium to be completed back in 2019. The capacity of Al Janoub stadium is 40,000 spectators.

Al Janoub stadium was inaugurated on the 16th of May 2019. France Vs Australia is the first match to be played here.

Al Janoub FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

Stadium 974

This stadium has been made of 974 shipping containers and other metal structures. This design reflects the port and industrial history of Qatar. The stadium can be dismantled completely after the event just because of its clever design. Stadium 974 is the only waterfront venue that makes a spectacular view of the Doha skyline. The concept and design proposed by Fanwick Iribarren architects.

Stadium 974 FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

Education City Stadium

This stadium is right inside the Qatar foundation just outside the center of Doha plans to host 6 matches of the event. The education city stadium is set to become the home of the national women’s team after the world cup. This stadium is shaped like a diamond and is the nickname of ‘The diamond in the desert. The building formed like a diamond geometrical pattern that glitters at night and also sheds different colors. The stadium design represents quality, resilience and durability.

Ahmed Bin Ali Stadium

Ahmed Bin Ali stadium after being name changed after being initially called Al Rayyan stadium will host seven matches of the FIFA World Cup 2022. The design of this stadium is meant to reflect the Qatari culture. The ground around the stadium is the desert, so the hospitality area and merchandizing area outside the ground resemble sand dunes. The stadium is constructed on the old site of the stadium, and most of the materials have been reused to erect Ahmed Bin Ali stadium.

Al Thumama Stadium

This stadium is inspired by the ‘Gahfiya’, the traditional woven cap worn by men across the Middle East. It’s easy to see in the pictures of the stadium. The ‘Gahfiya’ forms the fundamental layer of the traditional clothing of the region. It is also the symbol of dignity and independence. This is the first stadium designed by Qatari architect Ibrahim Al Jada. The capacity of Al Thumama stadium is 40,000 spectators, after the world cup half of its capacity will be donated to developing countries.

Al Thumama stadium FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

Khalifa International Stadium

This stadium was initially built in 1976, this stadium hosted many international events to date. Khalifa International stadium is the county’s national stadium. The first renovation of this stadium was done back in 2005 to host the 2006 Asian Games.

Khalifa International stadium FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

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