Poor defination of feminism and women empowerment in Pakistan

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The Family System and its Importance
Since feminism and women empowerment is a much touted phrase these days. People in the East and specially in Islamic countries speculate that the technological advancement in West is because of  Feminism or Woman Empowerment.
They also think that man and women share equal opportunities for job and employment thatz why the West has achieved this much advancement. Which is absolutely WRONG.

Woman in West has become a showpiece rather than enjoying the special entity or position given to them by Islam.
The so-called idea of living relationship has put these values and importance further underneath.

Man and Woman, are totally different by Nature, psychologically, physicially, mentally, or in short they are different in every sort of comparison or context we taken into account. It is not about man being superior or inferior to woman.

Nature has distinguished them and has given them different role on the Earth, based on their own potential and capacity.
Islam is a religion that is totally in harmony with nature.  Family system is the backbone in a societal setup and Islam put a lot of stress on it.

Islam has given distinguished and separate roles for every individual within a family, thus keeping integration, coordination and a a chain of command in a family.

The family system has flexibility to absorb the social, psychological and  economical constrains, thus a progress is shared and appreciated by all, and a grief is shared in such a way that its impact become very minimal.

This neo-feminism which is imposing on us and we are adopting it without having any knowledge and calculation of its impact on our family system, our values and on our social fabric, can become an unavoidable disaster for us in the near future.
We need to mould these Neo-social ideas in such a way that neither they damage our social fabric nor our family system is set a side.

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