favorable time to visit Skardu valley

The most favorable time to visit Skardu Valley

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The most favorable time to visit Skardu is the summer days of April to August. Skardu is one of the most visited places in Pakistan from April to August. The weather conditions remain good. Temperature lies between 15˚C to 25˚C which is an ideal condition for people living in down areas.

Tourist Hub of Pakistan

Skardu is known to be the tourist hub of Pakistan for a reason. There is a variety of tourist spots within a radius of 200 kilometers such as waterfalls, Rocky Mountains, meadows, rivers, fishing points, hiking tracks, and sky-touching mountains including K2.

Winter tourism in Skardu

Winter tourism potential in Skardu is also huge which needs to be explored. It is highly possible to conduct ice hockey, ski, and other activities during December and January.

The ratio of tourists visiting Skardu in winter as compared to summer is nearly none. The completion of Skardu road and the international status of Skardu airport will surely boost tourism in Skardu in the coming days. The dire of good facility management to accommodate the huge number of tourists in the mountainous region. Without a good management system, the aftermath could be devastating in terms of high pollution and could also affect nature.

Tourism future in Skardu

A dire need to take some crucial steps timely to save the natural assets. Which fairly going to pay back in near future. The whole region is currently facing climate issues in terms of glaciers melting and floating in a different part of Gilgit Baltistan. A large number of tourists without a well-equipped system may act as a catalytic effect of climate problems.

The government of Gilgit-Baltistan is not bothering at all to take care of these growing problems except some minute social working organizations. Some bolt steps must be taken timely to suppress these hurdles of the future. The major challenge of GB is to sustain the region for the long run for domestic and foreign tourists.

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