Tsering Sherpa Became the Fastest to summit K2 | K2 Speed Climbing

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Nepalese Tsering Sherpa set a new record for fast climbing at K2. He summited the world’s second highest peak in 12hrs 20 minutes 23 Sec and became the fastest to summit K2 in the world.

The previous fastest time to climb K2 was held by the late French climber Benoit Chamoux. Benoit soloed K2 in 23 hours in 1986.

Tsering started the climb from Base camp at 4:30 pm on 27th July-2022 and reached the summit on 28th July 2022 at 4:50:23 am.

Tsering descent time from the top of K2 to basecamp is 7 hours 58 mins.
Total time base camp to summit & back 20hrs 18 minutes.

Mingma accompanied by Tsering broke the two most highly rated records on K2.
Mingma became the only man on earth to summit K2 five times. The fastest Tsering became the fastest man on earth to summit K2 in the record of 12 hours and 20 minutes.

Mingma David Sherpa for summiting the savage mountain K2 for the 5th time.
He’s the only human in the world to do so.
His last ascent took just 14 hrs and 22 min from base camp to the top.

Mingma David Sherpa is a true K2 boy now.

K2 is being officially commercialized just like Mt. Everest by the Nepalese Sherpas. The savage mountain is no more a challenge to climb.

First time in climbing history, we have seen a traffic jam on the bottleneck of K2. The whole courtesy goes to Sherpas, the mountain beasts.

They are true professionals, they love mountains their achievements show their passion, commitment, and loyalty to the profession.

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