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Some FAQs about mountaineering answered by Alan Arnette

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Here are the thoughts of Alan Arnette about some FAQs about mountaineering and high altitude climbing:

FAQs About Mountaineering

Who issues summit certificate to climbers after summiting any 8ers in the world?

Usually a government organization like a Ministry of Tourism, or Department of Interior. Some clubs might issue honorary certificates but they are not considered official.

How do you get a certificate for climbing Mount Everest?

A summit photo showing a person’s uncovered face, both feet on the summit or very close were standing directly on the summit is considered disrespectful. A clear view of the background (this is optional when the summit is in the clouds). Also, the expedition leader or in some cases a government official i.e. a Liaison Officer will sign off on the summit’s authenticity. Finally, if the climber has some kind of support, that many also offer to be a witness to the summit.

What are sources of income for climbers/mountaineers?

Most are self-funded with good jobs and saving. Some will borrow from friends or family and some will hold fund-raising events. To be sponsored by a company or government is very rare these days.

What gear is needed for mountaineering?

Lots of warm clothing layers especially for the hands, face, and feet, special boots for high altitude, a climbing harness to attach oneself to a rope, an ice ax to stop a fall, crampons to help get traction on snow, and ice, sunglasses, helmet.

This is a good picture I took of a poster in a climbing hut in Ecuador’s Cotopaxi.

Alpinism is dangerous and adventurous at the same time. It’s a very costly and life-risking sport in which very few lion-hearted humans participates. Nepal and Pakistan are the hubs of high-altitude mountaineering than any other country in world. The young and energetic mountaineers around the globe are getting more sponsors in the current time than 20 years back. Digital marketing is helping mountaineers to showcase their skills and achievements to the world which is the key reason for getting more and more sponsorship.

These FAQs about mountaineering is to help young mountaineers and mountaineering enthusiasts to understand this sports.

By: Alan Arnetter (Twitter @alan_arnette )

Summit Coach, Speaker, Mountaineer, Alzheimer’s Advocate. Oldest American to summit K2 in 2014; Everest in 2011

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