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How we can EXPLORE SKARDU | Tourism in Baltistan

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Explore Skardu without visiting Khaplu, Kharmang and Shigar is mere possible. Skardu is the center of the Shigar, Khaplu, Kharmang, and Roundu valleys. Most of the tourist destinations are located in nearby valleys which are either directly or indirectly connected to Skardu. It is very unfair to mention only Skardu everywhere instead of Shigar, Kharmang, and Khaplu.

The most followed trip itinerary to explore Skardu is to arrive Khaplu directly from Islamabad. Khaplu needs one and a half days to explore from Hushe valley, Chaqchan mosque to Yabgo fort and so on. There are several hotels in Khaplu. The service standards of hotels in Khaplu are also good. The tourism sector of Ghanche District is not flourished so much due to lake of attention.

Tourist Destinations located in Khaplu

These the tourist destinations located in Ghanche district.

  • Yabgo Fort
  • Chaqchan Mosque 
  • Saling valley (Trout fish farm and family park)
  • Hushe Valley
  • Haldi cones
  • Machulu Organic village
  • Mashabrum valley
  • Chorbat valley
  • Kharfaq Lake
  • Barah valley
  • Sogha lake
  • Ghawari road 


Then most tourists go to Shigar valley, which can be easily covered within one and half days. Tourist destinations include Blind Lake, Shigar fort, fruit nurseries and small valleys.

Tourist Destinations located in Shigar

These are the famous destinations for tourists located in Shigar valley of Baltistan.

  • Shigar valley
  • Fong Khar (Shigar Fort)
  • Hasho Pi Bagh fruit nursery
  • Blind lake shigar
  • Gulabpur village Shigar

The two famous waterfalls Manthoka waterfall and Khamosh waterfall located in the Kharmang district. These waterfalls can be seen within a single trip, which takes a whole day.

Here it comes to Skardu the tourism capital of Pakistan. Skardu city has some historic assets such as Buddha rock Manthal, Kharpocho fort, and Manthal canal. These all have their own historical stories which you can find a narrator during your trip.

Tourist destinations of Skardu City

Following are the tourist destinations located in Skardu city

  • Marsur rock Hussainabad, Skardu
  • Organic village Skardu
  • Cold desert Skardu
  • Khosho chomik
  • Upper Kachura lake
  • Lower Kachura lake (Shangrilla Resort)
  • Basho valley Skardu
  • Skardu city park
  • Hargisa river
  • Sadpara dam
  • Deosai Plains
  • Gultari valley, Chota Deosai
  • Buddha rock Manthal Skardu
  • Kharpocho fort
  • Manthal Canal
  • Shahi-Polo ground Skardu
  • Manthoka Waterfall (Kharmang district)
  • Khamosh waterfall (Kharmang district)

Roundu district has the most potential to attract more tourists. the district of Roundu has mesmerizing meadows, water springs, eye-catching rocks, and much more.

A few of the many destinations of Roundu valley are:

  • Basho meadows
  • Chocolate rock
  • Basho waterfall
  • Roundu valley

these are the top destinations in the Baltistan region. tourism in the baltistan region was ignored by authorities in the last decade. Through the efforts of some local social influencers, so much progress has been made to showcase the beauty of Baltistan to the world. Some recent action was taken by the tourism department also helped in uplifting this sector in Baltistan.

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