Rama valley, the cradle of Rama lake and Rama meadows Astore

Rama Valley Astore; the cradle of Rama Lake and Rama Meadows

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Rama Valley is engulfed with Rama Lake and Rama meadows. This mesmerising valley is located in the neighbourhood of Astore village. The beauty of this valley is just the tip of the iceberg of Gilgit Baltistan. The major portion of Rama valley is still unexplored by travellers and adventurers.

How to reach Rama Valley?

When you start steering on KKH after passing the exit for Fairy Meadows, keep driving for about another 20 minutes. When you come across the sign for Astore steer towards the right and keep going for another 2 to 3 hours. You will arrive at the village of Astore. The valley is famous for camping in the summer days and is one of the busiest places in June/July. The road towards Rama meadow has now been cemented, and tourists can reach there without difficulty. The most recommended vehicle to travel with is 4d but domestic cars can also go there without any hustle. However, there is an hour and a half trek to Rama Lake.

Rama valley
The Valley of Rama Astore

Perfect Season to Visit Rama Valley

The perfect season to travel Rama, Rama lake, and Rama meadows is May to August. During these summer days, nature is at full maturity. A lot of adventure in this valley at every next step. From May to August, there’s almost zero probability of land sliding on roadsides.

The weather of Rama Valley

The weather of Rama valley Astore remains very favorable from May to August. The temperature of this valley is in between the bracket of 15°C to 25°C. The frequency of rain is twice a week which may vary.

Weather of Rama in Summer and Winter

Recommendation to follow before going to Rama Astore

Most tourists suggested to keep following gears before going to Rama Astore:

  1. Winter suit.
  2. Shoes and socks.
  3. Umbrella.
  4. Tent and foods backup of at least one meal.
  5. Not recommended to travel alone.

This region is very safe. Peoples are honest and hospitable.

Guided by Syed Salar Jehan
Reach on twitter at @syedsaalaar
Member of global parliament of mayors, president Pakistan PTI district Buner KPK. Ex Mayor Gagra.

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