Essential gadgets to carry while travelling to Skardu

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While traveling to skardu, a traveller must carry following gadgets to respond on emergency situations;

  1. Power bank for mobile phone.
  2. Multi optional cutter/knife.
  3. Tire repairing kit for riders.
  4. Cut resistant gloves.
  5. Digital watch compatible with elevation meter.
  6. High beam torch.
  7. First aid kit.
  8. Waterproof bag.
  9. Waterproof jacket.
  10. High resolution camera.

It is highly recommended to carry these essentials while travelling to skardu. These kits will help to respond on any emergency situation.

This list for an ordinary travelers, professional riders and climbers may need highly sophisticated gadgets as per their area of interest. 

Your input in the comment section would be highly appreciated and will be helpful for upcoming travelers.

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