Karachi Zoo’s queen elephant Noor Jehan to get treatment from Four Paws team

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Four Paws (animal welfare NGO) team arrived on April 4th in Karachi and had to come up with a solution to examine the elephant Noor Jehan in pain. A crane and ropes will maintain her while under sedation. After initial tests, Four Paws team for their examination tomorrow.

The health of Noor Jehan, an elephant in the Karachi Zoo, is becoming worse every day due to swelling in her rear knee joints, that have spread to her spine & put extra strain on her front legs. Noor Jehan, 17 years of age, is one of the two elephants who have been caged at the zoo for years.

FOUR PAWS veterinary Dr. Amir Khalil, who arrived in Karachi today stated that, “seeing this (Noor Jehan’s condition) is particularly heartbreaking, because it could have been prevented if the elephants had already been relocated, as the zoo does not comply with international standards.”

Noor Jehan, Karachi Zoo’s 17 years old African elephant has a life-saving high-risk procedure on April 5th with a team of Veterinary doctors. She’ll get a laparoscopy, ultrasound & X-rays, so they can diagnose & treat her atrophying & swollen limbs.

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