Effects of Ukraine vs Russia war on Pakistan's political future

Effects of Ukraine vs Russia war on Pakistan’s political future

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Imran Khan visited Russia amid tension between Ukraine and Russia. Putin announced war on Ukraine when Imran Khan (PM of Pakistan) is in Moscow for a political talk. Everyone around the world is watching this political talk as a mission of conspiracy in the shadow of past Pak-US history in the Afghan cold war.

The reality of Pakistan is different as compared to the cold war and the Soviet Union era in Afghan. The priorities are different which forces Pakistan to drive its very mission of economic stability.

Pakistan’s political prospects

A few important prospects of Pakistan’s political goals are as follows:

1-    Currently, Pakistan is in the political block of China, so with Russia.

2-    CPEC is in the utmost interest of the state which Pakistan never wants to lose at any cost.

3-    To overcome the most challenging energy crises, Pakistan is in talks with Russia for a gas pipeline project.

4-    For regional stability, relations with Russia and China are most important than U.S and EU countries.

5-    IK bluntly said that the state of Pakistan is never be involved in the conflict.

6-    The Russian visit was planned before the conflict.

Challenges amid of Russia-Ukraine war

Pakistan will soon be facing a lot of challenges in reflection of the Russian conflict. Pakistan had taken a major initiative in past to tackle energy crises by signing a gas pipeline project with Iran, which was spoiled by work sanctions. US and NATO countries just imposed high-intensity sanctions on Russia. The question is, the continuation of the gas pipeline project with Russia after the imposition of sanctions is possible or not?

Pakistan never wants to sacrifice its interest at any cost. It’s a war or peace in the rest of the world, what Pakistan wants a successful prosperous, and economically stable state under to mega CPEC project with China.

The same conflict is becoming a challenge for Pakistan and a win situation for Russia. Every $10 raise in each barrel of oil price will add $3billion a day in Russia’s pocket as they have the world’s 17% oil export volume.

Highlights of Imran Khans’ visit to Moscow

It is likely Imran Khan may find himself in a tight spot in Moscow to see the least. The visit also sees the realignment in south Asia a new China, Pakistan and Russia partnership, till 1991 there were in the opposing camps. A changing political equation means Pakistan and America are not allies anymore. For Pakistan, Russia sounds a great new option. A friendship between Islamabad and Moscow could work both sides, it could help Pakistan tight more deals in central Asia which is Putin’s backyard. As for Russia, close ties with Pakistan could help control the Taliban preventing more refugees’ influxes and cross border attacks in central Asia. Russia also helping Pakistan by stream gas pipeline, a mega pipeline project that is crucial for Islamabad.

Putin could visit Pakistan in 2022. This is important as no Russian leader ever visited Pakistan.

May peace prevail.

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