Dudipatsar Lake Trek

Dudipatsar Lake Trek | Trail along the Kunhar River to Dudipatsar

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The Dudipatsar Trek is around 18 km hiking trail in the Lulusar-Dudipatsar National Park in KPK, Pakistan. The trail runs along a tributary of the Kunhar River called Poorbi Narr in the northern Kaghan Valley via Dudipatsar lake.

Dudipatsar lake is located in Kaghan Valley at 3900 meters. Dudi means white or milky, pat means mountains and Sar means lake. The lake is surrounded by peaks clad with snow, the reflection of which gives the lake its name.

How do get to Trekking point of Dudipatsar?

The trail starts at the small village of Besal in the north of Kaghan valley. The journey to Besal starts from Naran valley.

It is highly recommended to hire a guide along the trek route, which can be hired from Naran valley. There are abundant expert guides on the Dudipatsar trek in Naran.

The most important arsenal of trekking is a tent and other basic necessary items while on the journey. These all-basic living requirements including tents and food materials are easily available in Naran. the best option is to get a tent on rent instead of purchasing it for seasonal trekkers.

The trekking of Dudipatsar starts from Besal and we need is to hire a private vehicle from Naran to Besal. There’s no public transport available to travel to Basel valley. When checked in at Basel, a horse can also be hired for trekking which going to be so costly instead. Trekking with luxury is better not to opt. the most challenging task for a trekker is to carry luggage along for living. Horses for luggage carrying are also easily available at Basel which I recommend everyone to hire.

Dudipatsar Lake Trek

The total length of trekking is 18 km which starts from a small valley called Besal. Besal is 3250 meters above sea level and goes along the Poorbi Naar River or Kunhar River.

The trail itself is quite diverse in its flora and fauna. The up and down trail over the green meadows makes for a perfect hike with intercrossing streams, wildflowers, and grazing cattle from the local villages. The villages on this trail are very close to nature with people living almost entirely off natural resources and quite far from the technological advancement in the other parts of the world.

The trail is pretty straightforward and most visible in the grass as a dirt track. Care is needed to watch out for the small bridge after about 4-5 hours of hike and switch to the left side of the Kunhar. It is a constant up and down hike on a grassy track with some small glacier crossings. It goes through some small shepherd villages. The valley is sometimes narrow and other times very wide. Although it can be followed to the lake in 1 day, it is advisable to camp at Mulla Ki Basti and spend the next day on the lake. Mulla Ki Basti is a small shepherd village. The people of Mulla Ki Basti are very simple and loving. They usually offer milk and butter to every group of trekkers passing their way.

Article taken from ‘Pakistrails Hiking Club’.

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