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Dua Zehra Allegedly Rescured in Lahore | Sindh Police claims the Recovery of Dua Zehra

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Dua Zehra recovered from Shersha town Raiwand road Lahore and allegedly married Zaheer Ahmed. The age of 14 years old Dua Zehra has been forged and mentioned as 18 years in Nikkah Nama. The residential address of Dua Zehra is also quoted somewhere in Lahore while she belongs to Karachi.

Dua Zerha was missing two weeks ago in Karachi with no clue. Her father Syed Mehdi Ali Kazmi filed FIR the same day when she got missing. Police came into action and due to social media, there was a lot of pressure on security agencies. After two weekweeks-long investigation, finally Sindh police in coordination with Panjab police, Dua Zehra has been traced to Lahore.

She is fine and in good health but nikkafied with Zaheer Ahmed of Lahore. Police didn’t disclose the matter in detail yet. The wish of Syed Mehdi Ali Kazmi to get his daughter alive is finally fulfilled by the efforts of the police and God’s will.

this nikkah nama is forged to just cover up the crime commited by the criminals. Continously consulting authorities related to this matter. We have trust on our security agencies and they will take care of it in most favourable way.

DIG operation Lahore Dr Abid Khan says there is no reality in reports about recovery of Dua Zehra. Sindh’s chief minister and police said the girl was recovered. Dr Khan says Lahore police are searching for girl at address mentioned on Nikka Nama they’ve got from Karachi police. The news of recovery of Dua Zehra is still not confirmed 100%. Pray for the recovery of Dua.

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