Ghanche doctors issue

Leaked Official Paper of Health Ministry Exposed Doctors dilemma of Ghanche

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An official leaked paper revealed that 11 doctors of Ghanche district are serving in their hometowns. Out of 11, 2 doctors are serving in Skardu and 9 doctors are catching their perks in Gilgit, Hunza, and Ghizer. The doctors shortage in Ghanche is basically just due to the favouritism and nepotism of the medical guru’s in the higher offices.

All these 11 doctors are at the expense of the district Ghanche health department. The border region of Baltistan is the most sidelined district of GB. The Health Ministry is responsible for the causalities within Ghanche. The recent incident of the death of the mother of a newly born baby in Ghanche was heartbreaking.

The medical department from the top to bottom is involved in this hooligan’s games of favoritism in the region. The public of Ghanche demands immediate actions against these doctors. If they are not willing to relocate to Ghanche, they even don’t deserve to be in the office.

Detail of doctors relocation

The list of doctors supposed to be in Ghanche district are:

Sr.NoName of DoctorsDesignationPresent PostingPay Adjustmentduty /Absent
1Dr. Amina Bintul HudaLDORHQ SkarduDO CH Keris GhePresent
2Dr. Shujaat AliMORHQ SkarduSMO Thagas GhePresent
3DR. Bushra Rehman NiaziDermatologistRHQ GilgitDHQ KhapluPresent
4Dr. Binish ShahidLDORHQ GilgitSDO Thagas GhePresent
5Dr. Sadia BashirLMOPHQ Hosp. GilgitSMO Daghoni GhePresent
6Dr. Maryam ZehraLMOPHQ Hosp. GilgitSMO CH Siksa GhePresent
7Dr. ShuguftaLMOCH NagarSMO CH Keris GhePresent
8Dr. Jameel AlamMOCM K.A HunzaSMO Amriabad GhePresent
9Dr. Syed Sammar Ali ShahMOCH NagarAPMO Thagas GhePresent
10Dr. Saima BatoolLMOCH Aliabad HunzaMO CD Frano GhePresent
11Dr. AliaDOGhizerDO DHQ GhanchePresent
List of doctors not performing their duties in Ghanche

People of Ghanche are aware of their rights now in the 21st century. We will go to court to fight for our basic rights. We demand immediate action to resolve Doctors shortage in issues Ghanche.

Doctors placement list of Gilgit Baltistan

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