Diamer Basha dam, Pakistan’s hope

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Islamabad, Prime minister Imran Khan assured to start Diamer Basha dam construction work, which will help to reduce the energy crisis by 4500 mega watt of electricity.

Government in charge is trying to eliminate all hindrance in the way of its development to tackle the energy crisis as well as the water crisis going to happen in very coming future. Investment amount of 75.5 billion rupees will be paid for social development of the area, in a rough estimation more than 6000 job opportunities will be shed to the local habitants.

Facts and figures of Diamer Basha Dam

  • Total budget tag is over 8.5 billion dollar.
  • Reservoir area of 200 km2 covering 100 km of Karakoram highway.
  • Over 35000 people will disappear including villages and farms.
  • Construction period of 8-9 years required.
  • This will add 4500 MW of electricity in national grid.
  • China is likely to fund the major portion of this project.
  • Constructing on Indus River.
  • Constructing in earthquake prone area and major challenge for engineers.
  • Project cost including relocation of 100km of Karakoram highway.
Gross storage8.10 MAF / 10 BCM
Construction typeRCC Roller Compacted Concrete
Dam Height272 meters
Live Storage6.40 MAF / 7.9 BCM
Number of turbines12
each turbine capacity375 MW
Total capacity4500 MW
Project Duration9 years
Diamer Basha Dam

Water resource controlling will help to advance the agricultural potential of Pakistan by multiple factors, which is more important than energy crisis to surpass the economical challenges we as a nation facing, as well as to intercept the future challenges.

According to a research on future economical crisis stated that the only resourceful countries will going to survive and all trade dependant countries is near to face a catastrophic crisis due to volatility as well as distribution of power and trade. UAE’s current economical conditions are truly depicting the aforementioned statement.

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