DG ISI Faiz Hameed Kabul visit

DG ISI Faiz Hameed Kabul Visit, A War Broken Between Pakistan & India on social media

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Pakistan’s “inter-service intelligence” ISI chief Faiz Hameed visited Kabul to meet Taliban leadership. The time and instance of the visit are more important, most of the journalists and media-related persons are gold-plating the visit to attract viewers. What makes sense of the visit relating the shadow of the situation in Afghanistan is as follows:

ISI Chief Faiz Hameed Kabul Visit Objectives

  1. To discuss with Taliban leadership, Pending requests from countries and international organizations for transit through and need to determine the mechanism through which could allow these, in coordination with the ground authorities in Afghanistan. Since is being requested by countries to facilitate, a mechanism is required to execute.
  2. Border management, especially Afghans who cross over on a daily basis as routine and then return. To ensure the process runs smoothly and only those allowed to avail of this facility do so.  It should be clear that western media reports suggesting huge refugee inflow or pressure are incorrect.
  3. Discussion on overall security issues to ensure that spoilers and terrorist organizations do not take advantage of the situation. Just to avoid any emergence of proxies in Afghanistan.
Cup of Tea in Kabul Afghanistan

Indian Social Media Army Reactions of DG ISI Kabul Visit

DG ISI Kabul visit has some symbolic gesture of India’s defeat in Afghanistan in the hand of Taliban. Faiz Hameed sipping a ‘CUP OF TEA’ looks like a symbolic gesture to India. Social media is filled with ‘WINNING CUP OF TEA’ and posting a photo of Faiz Hameed. The social media army of both India and Pakistan are fighting a hard battle nowadays over Afghanistan. The final strike of DG ISI’s visit to Kabul almost silenced the Indian social media army and at the same time Twitter/Facebook army of Pakistan making a huge noise. The Twitter battle is still underway. The memes battle is also entered into a way more serious situation on Facebook and Twitter. Some are relating Faiz Hameed visit to the brave son of soil Brigadier Dogar of Pakistan ISI after the defeat of Soviet Union in Afghanistan.

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