Deosai Road Map, Burzil top, Murtaza top, Bari laa, Domel, Minimarg and Gultari

Deosai Road Map – In The Middle of Nowhere

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The complete Deosai road map for tourist and travellers to cover every corner of Deosai,; its nearby hidden areas, Gultari, Minimarg, Rainbow lake Domel and Mini Deosai. After pushing off the rugged journey from Skardu to Deosai, the road split into two on Deosai top. The road towards the left is called ‘Bari Laa’ (Middle/cheat way in local), which guides towards Gultari. Gultari is at a 6-hour traveling distance via the Bari Laa route from Deosai top.

Deosai to Bari Laa

Bari Laa is the most elevated point of Deosai. Bari Laa top is home to 5 mini lakes. More than 95% of tourists had never touched this area just because of the lack of guidance and the hardness of the road.
Bari Laa crossing the Dudial and Matial villages following a crystal clear river to Faranshat. Faranshat is a military-based area. Deosai to PWD Guesthouse of Faranshat is a free zone. To maneuver this region without entry permission is not allowed. This road again splits into two branches; the left route goes to Gultari Shakma, which is part of LoC and does not allow anyone to visit there. The right side of the route connects you to Gultari Khas, locals and tourists having entry permits can only able to go to Gultari Khas.

Deosai Road Map, Burzil top, Murtaza top, Bari laa, Domel, Minimarg and Gultari

Deosai to Murtaza Top

The second route to Gultari is from Murtaza top. Succeeding the Deosai road from Skardu to Kala Pani, before getting into Sheosar lake. The road divides into two, one goes to Murtaza top, which is at 2 to 2.5 hours traveling span from Deosai. the second name of Murtaza top is Mini Deosai, very famous for its tremendous nature view. From Murtaza top to moving ahead to Gultari or Minimarg requires entry permit. Entry permit is mandatory for these border areas.
From Murtaza top, two branches of roads connect Gultari and Minimarg respectively. Left turn connects to Gultari. Time taken to reach Gultari from Murtaza top is approx. 45 minutes. Right turn linked to Buzdil top and then the same route leads to Minimarg. Read more about how to get permission to Minimarg.

Deosai to Burzil Top

The respective way is to go to Chilim, it takes 1 hour to set foot on Burzil top from Chilim. Burzil top to Minimarg headquarters of 80 brigades (of Pakistan Army) is within reach of 30 minutes. Need entry permit from HQ to Domel Rainbow lake. Rainbow lake is one of the most regarded tourist points of Domel Minimarg. which is at 30 minutes drive from Minimarg HQ. Minimarg Kamri is also part of LoC just as Gultari Shakma and no one is allowed to go there.

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