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Dating Points in Skardu for Married Couples

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Dating Points in Skardu

Skardu is one of the busiest tourist places in Pakistan. There are many dating points in Skardu. Few top spots are:

  • City park Skardu
  • Hussainabad family park
  • Hoto Chomik
  • Hargisa River Manthal

These are the best-recommended dating points in Skardu. Unmarried couples dating are not encourage in Skardu. Social norms are strictly followed and outsiders must also respect the social laws of the region.

For couples, these are very peaceful locations for dating with life partners.

City Park Skardu

City Park Skardu is located on the verge of Skardu city. A well-developed park for families and couples. Most of the local families and newlywed couples are also love to visit this place. A mini zoo is also there is City Park.

The environment of city park Skardu is very peaceful having a very vast area. Chirping of birds, cold breeze air, and a lovely talk in city park Skardu will be a never forgettable moment of life.

Hussainabad Family Park Skardu

Hussainabad family park Skardu having a very astonishing view of mountains and the Indus River. This park is a 20 minutes drive from Skardu Bazar. The best time to visit this park at sunset time and evening. This spot is a bit sunny daytime, which might be uncomfortable for a long stay.

A mini shop and canteen are also available within the premises of the park to enjoy the stay. This is a privately owned park.

Hoto Chomik dating point

Hoto chomik is a natural spring. A lake sight, natural spring, and greenery can be found at Hoto Chomik. One of the very peaceful and famous couples dating point of Skardu.

Hargisa River Manthal dating point

Hargisa River near Manthal having very beautiful scenic points. This spot is highly recommended for families. Couples walk within villages of local peoples might turn out to be uncomfortable for both. Better to not violate the social laws of Skardu.

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