How to plan a customize trip to Skardu?

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Skardu is a city of Baltistan division of Gilgit Baltistan province. Usually, everyone thinks that Baltistan is part of skardu which is wrong. Baltistan region having number of valleys and skardu is one of them. Undoubtedly, skardu is the tourist capital of the whole division. Nuts and bolts to plan a customize trip to Skardu are travelling time between tourist destinations, hotels, and services.

Skardu to neaby tourist destinations

Travelling distance from Skardu to different part of the region are as follows:

FromToTravel Time
SkarduShigar30 minutes
SkarduKhaplu2.5 hours
SkarduHushe5 hours
SkarduManthoka waterfall2 hours
SkarduKhamosh waterfall3 hours
SkarduBasho valley3 hours
SkarduDeosai plains2 hours
SkarduUpper Kachura1 hours
SkarduShangrilla lake45 minutes
SkarduCold Desert15 minutes

List of Hotels in Skardu

There are number of hotels in Skardu. Additionally, locals vacated roadside residential houses and turned into guest houses to accommodate more tourist. There’s no hoteling issue in Skardu at all. The space to accommodate tourist in Skardu are more than enough with overwhelming services. Read more about the list of hotels in skardu.

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