Culture of Baltistan (Pololo state)

Culture of Baltistan

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Economic Features

The economy of Gilgit Baltistan (Northern Areas) has undergone considerable expansion and diversification, much of it in the areas of trade, transportation, housing and construction, mineral resources and communication, etc. This region is a notable supplier to the country as well as the world of many important minerals. In the Southern part of the region, it has major deposits of Nickle, Cobalt, Copper, Lead, Tin, Bismit, Mica, Quartz, Zircon, Coal and Actonolite that are famous for their exceptionally good quality. It also has substantial resources of Iron, Silver, Gold, Zinc, Marble, Granite, Sulpher, Calsite, Fluorite, Lime Stone, Arsenic, Spinel, Garmet, Epidot, Topaz, Moon Stone, Pargasite, Tourmoline, Aquamarin, Pyrite and feldspar in the North-eastern, Northern and North-western parts of the area. The culture of Baltistan very solid linkage to Tibet.

It is also one of the country’s largest producers of stone jewelry. Gilgit Baltistan has a broad small industrial base, producing manufactured goods for local and foreign markets. The production of beef and poultry is well developed and well known for its quality and taste.

Balti Folksongs

the folk literature of Baltistan particularly Balti folksongs of eighteenth and nineteenth century Baltistan. Most of the folksongs date back to the epoch of The Great Ali Sher Khan (he is called Anchan in Balti language), the most able and gallant king of Baltistan. Folk songs are not mere poems but exhibit the real experiences of people of Baltistan depicting genuine Balti
culture, traditions, norms, values and their peculiar lifestyle.

These songs are a medium to know the historical, geographical, political, religious and ethnic accounts of Baltistan. In the present study, some of the songs and their significance are being discussed to highlight Balti literature vis-à-vis its culture.

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