Asad Majeed Ambassador of Pakistan to United states

Asad Majeed said there’s a CONSPIRACY of regime change & dusted opinions of opposition

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Asad Majeed Pakistani ambassador to US clearly stated that theres US played dirty game of regime change in Pakistan during national security conference NSC.

National security conference held on firday after taking over the government by PML (N) for the first time. The statement of NSC states that U.S played their conventional regime change formula in Pakistan. Pakistani ambassador th united states Asad Majeed firmly remained on his last statement of conspiracy against Imran Khan government despite of immence pressure on him to change his stance.

National security conference statement strengthen the stance of PTI and surely will attract more public interest on current political enigma of Pakistan.

Asad Majeed on twitter trend just because of his bravely statement which got so much appreciated from public. His stance on the regime change issue is so impactful.

Public View on Asad Majeed statement

The public views on Asad majeed NSC briefing are:

Asad Majeed i can visualize d amount of pressure u underwent today. U stood taller than all of us. You are green , you are Qaid’s Pakistan. Salute to u , you r Golden history of Pak Stay as Such. (By a retd. Brigadier)

Look like Asad Majeed Khan has been a lone warrior. He will be remembered in history as a man of honour. (Imran Khan Journalist)

Alot of people are standing with Truth&the brave son of Soil Asad Majeed has proved that by testifying to what IK has been saying all along! West played dirty politics with IK&have installed a Puppet Boot licker as PM of Pakistan.We will not let them win! (Momina Basit MPA)

Everyone is not for sale,some people who are present in meeting need to learn character, integrity and courage from this man.  Pakistan needs more bureaucrats like him. Well-done Ambassador Asad Majeed.

I request to Pakistan System to make Asad Majeed the Chief Justice of Pakistan. At least he has the value of his mother Earth Pakistan. the current Chief Justice sitting in the Supreme Court and selling his Mother land for just few dollars

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