Italian Climber Tamara Lunger

Italian Climber Tamara Lunger On A Mission to Fulfill JP Mohr’s Dream in Skardu, K2 Expedition 2021

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Incredible Woman Italian Climber Tamara Lunger is in Skardu to fulfill JP Mohr’s dream of mountaineering training for kids including girls in Skardu. She will do the K2 Trek first to pay respect to the fallen companions of K2 Winter Ascent 2021 including Muhammad Ali Sadpara and John Snorri. Tamara Lunger was also part of K2 Winter Ascent 2021.

Mountaineer Sergi Mingote was Lunger’s climber partner during the winter ascent. After the tragic accidental death of Sergi Mingote, Tamara Lunger’s feelings were, a very turbulent time for me, full of worries, tears and dark moments”.

Tamara Lunger’s Mountaineering Career

Climber Tamara Lunger started her mountaineering career as a “Ski Mountaineer” back in 2002. Tamara’s first climber achievement is Lhotse Nepal. Tamara Lunger climbing career so far:

  1. Lhotse Nepal (23 May 2010), Youngest female to the summit at the age of 23 years.
  2. Tried Manaslu (Feb 2015) but failed due to heavy snow.
  3. Nanga Parbat Winter Summit 2016 (Gave up just 70 meters below the summit).
  4. Pik Pobeda first winter summit (Feb, 2018).
  5. Attempted winter ascent of Gasherbrum Ⅰ and Gasherbrum Ⅱ and called off due to injury of Simone Moro (her companion of the mission).

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