Clean and Green Hunza funded by AKRSP and Canadian high comissions Pakistan
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World Earth day celebrated in Gulmit by a clean and green Hunza cleanliness drive. AC Gojal, tourist police and students are participated in symbolises strong awareness among the public and tourist.

During clean and green cleanliness campaign, Assistant Commissioner Gojal said, “We welcome tourists and travellers to Gojal and Gulmit Hunza. A humble request to tourist to keep Gojal to Gulmit clean and green. 144 Act. In enforced in case of violation, such as dropping wrappers on open and public places.”

Chairman Mountaineer and Sports Organization also added that, “we are very grateful to public administration and tourist police for participating in clean and green hunza cleanliness drive. They paid their key role in promoting this campaign. Which ultimately going to reflect the good image of the society of Gulmit and Gojal division.”

The key sponsors of this clean and green Hunza project are Agha Khan Rural Support Program AKRSP and Canadian high commission.

Locals of Gojal are also playing their vital role in making this campaign possible. On every cleanliness campaign, there’s no age or gender barrier can be seen. Everyone is paying their part and giving their best to make the region clean and green.

The main purpose of this campaign to save the nature and to reduce the global challenges. This campaign is basically behind the success of becoming Hunza, the 1st Asia’s plastic free zone.

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