Chilas fort

Chilas Fort, History of a military garrison turned into police station

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Qila Chilas or Chilas fort is a centuries-old historical site. Chilas fort was then captured by the British army and converted into a garrison. The army garrison was responsible to provide safe passage to the supply line over the Babusar top. The fate of this fort didn’t change so much, currently, it is the police headquarter of Chilas.

The control of Chilas fort was taken by police just after the partition for a short period of time. After passing it on to the generations, it remains under their boots to date.

The dynamics of tourism are changing swiftly and historical forts all over Gilgit Baltistan are transformed into an economical cash cow. Qila Chilas never came under to spotlight on social media before. This majestic site needs to be reconstructed and open for tourists.

Arguably, it may be the oldest forts in Gilgit-Baltistan.

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