Business community of Skardu; shutter down strike from 6th May

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Skardu: Ghulam Hussain Athar (chairperson of Skardu business community / Anjuman-e-Tajiraan Skardu) stated after an emergency meeting among the key position holders that, “equal right should be given to all business irrespective of goods and services they are providing. In the current scenario, garments and other hardware business owners are effecting badly. If lockdown will not lift till 5th of May, all business will going to shutdown on very next day as a shutter down strike.”

He additionally demand from GB government to provide a heavy share from the relief fund, amount he requested 100 million rupees and also requested to abandoned all bank loans to fill up the space engraved by the lockdown during Covid19.

Lets see the reactions of local government and how far GB govt is full filling their demands.

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