Buddha rock Manthal Skardu
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Budha rock Manthal Skardu is a historical site located Manthal Skardu. Buddha rock is an affirmation of Buddhism in Baltistan before the inception of Islam. One of the must to visit destination during trip to Skardu.

Buddha Rock Manthal Skardu

Some key attributes of Buddha rock are:

  • It was engraved in the 9th century probably.
  • The oldest historical site ever exists in Baltistan.
  • Evidence of Buddhism in Baltistan before Islam.
  • Buddha, Bodhisattvas, and Metreyias on the rock.
  • Buddhist script can also be found on this rock.

Information Board of Buddha Rock

This 9th century Buddha relief represents the late phase of the ‘Golden Era of Buddhism’ in the upper Indus valley between the 8th and 10th centuries. The Buddha relief on a large yellow rock shows the meditating Buddha surrounded by small Bodhisattvas and two standing Metreyias (future Buddhas). Manthal Rock Buddha site is protected under the Antiquities act. of 1975.

Skardu to Buddha Rock Manthal

There are two routes to Budha rock from Skardu city which are as follows:

  • By car via Sadpara road.
  • By trekking from Hargisa to Buddha rock.

Buddha Rock Via Sadpara Road

Travelling time from Yadgar chowk Skardu to Buddha rock is less than 30 minutes through Sadpara road. The distance is almost 4 to 5 km from Yadgar Chowk Skardu. Vehicles are not accessible to the pinpoint destination. From the last point of vehicle accessibility, trekking of fewer than 5 minutes till Buddha rock. The motorbikes can be reach at Buddha rock Manthal because the condition and clearance of road is not enough for cars. Sadpara road also connects to Sadpara lake and Deosai plain.

Trekking to Buddha Rock Skardu

The trekking route starts from Hargisa Clifton Bridge Skardu. The route is following the Hargisa River which is leading to the target destination. Total trekking time is in between 1 to 1.5 hours to Buddha rock. Trek route is a mix of hills, rivers, and lush green fields that makes it more notable one than travelling via road. 

Trekking to Buddha rock is more worthy than traveling via road.

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