Broghil valley

Mastuj to Broghil valley Travel Guide

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Mastuj valley to Broghil valley trip truly symmetrical to a heavenly visit. The wholeness and unmatchable beauties can not be found anywhere on earth.

On the way to Mastuj to Broghil valley, the journey intersects the valley of Chowinch while the valley of Chinaar falls on the other side of the river. Chowinch valley is a lush green valley just like Mastuj and Chinaar. Chapali valley is the next destination after Chinar. Barep is the last valley after which a bridge connects to the other side of the heavenly way towards Broghil. A bridge connects Yarkhun to Barep.

Barep is one of the very important destinations while traveling to Broghil. The last opportunity to refuel the vehicle, there’s no refueling facility after surpassing this valley. This valley has abundant shops of food products and other necessities while heading towards Broghil. The only opportunity of stocking foods and fuels is Barep valley. 

The road towards Broghil is highly favorable for jeep only; the road is rough and muddy from Mastuj to Broghil. Melph bridge just after powerhouse. Melph bridge leads to the valley of Melph and both sides of the roads of fully loaded with trees and jungle flowers. Shuist is a small village of fewer than 20 families which is located just before the Yarkhun lasht. Lasht is a Chitrali word that means ‘plain’ or ‘meadow’.

Mominabad has a checkpoint of Chitral scouts named as ‘Kishmanja checkpoint’. Guesthouses and residential facility available at Kishmanja.

Yaks of Broghil valley

The cast of people of Broghil is mostly Wakhi. Chikar glacier also comes along the way. Broghil is the only valley having more than 7 months of winter in Pakistan. This valley is very famous for its natural mystical beauty. Traveling to Broghil is as much difficult as climbing K2. The habitats of Broghil mostly depend on organic foods and cattle farming. They use donkeys and horses for transportation and the Yak of Broghil is so famous, as they survive the harsh weather and 7 months long winter of Broghil.

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