Blast in Kabal Sawat police station, 20 martyred & many injured

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A heavy blast reported in Kabal Sawat police station. The whole building of police station has been collapsed due to heavy blast.

Twenty precious lives have been lost and many injured. The nature of blast is suicide blast and whole police line building is burned out after attack.

A series of attack have been conducted by TTP (Tehreek Taliban Pakistan) in last few months after government of Pakistan refused to negotiate with them. TTP is specifically targeting security forces and there’s a possibility of linking qith RAW have also been reported. Indian RAW is basically sponsoring these thugs to destabilize Pakista.

The cabinet recently passed a bill to conduct full fledged military operation. Which aimed to clean these very few terrorist in the region.

Sawat had been a nursery of terrorism in recent past and same like game is happening now. The only way is to clean the liter on time, for which our army is very well known.

Sawat is under terrorism from last few months amidst after political turmoil in the country. Current government recently passed a bill to initiate military backed operation in the region to eradicate terrorist.

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