breakfast and brunches in Skardu Baltistan

Best Breakfast Foods in Skardu

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All you need to know about breakfast in Skardu Baltistan. Balti peoples are stick to their cultural foods of everything from soup to nuts. In Baltistan, the breakfast meal is not so simple. The top tourist destinations of Skardu Baltistan and cultural food are equally special. Desi foods of Skardu seem like bite the bullet for tourists.

The best breakfast in Skardu

Following are the famous breakfasts and brunches of Skardu Baltistan:

  • Namkeen Chai and Azoq
  • Namkeen Chai and Khurba with Choli Mar (Apricot Oil)
  • Kulcha
  • Karpo Mar (Desi butter) with Azoq
  • Boiled eggs (desi), Azoq and Namkeen Chai

To make the trip of Skardu Baltistan more worth paying, need to put your finger in every pie. Before ordering breakfast, just be cool as a cucumber and make decisions according to your taste habits.

Namkeen Chai (Payo Chaa)

Payo Chaa (in local language) is local Balti tea. The tea leaves of Payo-chai are almost similar to green tea. These tea leaves mostly come from India and have several varieties. It has a salty taste.

Ingredients used in Namkeen chai are:

  • Namkeen Chai Patti (tea leaves)
  • Desi pure butter
  • Milk
  • Salt

Azoq (Breakfast Special)

Azoq is mostly served to a special guest in Baltistan. It also distributes during religious events in this mountainous region. It’s a type of Donets having different shapes and most tastier. It doesn’t mean compare apples and oranges. It also has a salty mouthfeel.

Ingredient used in Azoq (A type of desi Donets) are:

  • Flour; 30% fine atta and desi atta 70%
  • Eggs
  • Baking powder
  • Apricot Oil or Butter
  • Final fry in apricot oil


Kulcha is a desi cake. The ingredients of Kulcha are almost the same as Azod, but the baking procedure is different.

Kulcha is a dry baking dish. It has both varieties of sweet and salty.


Khurba is desi bread. It is just like ‘Roti’. It’s dry baking and part of every meal in Baltistan. It is very rich in energy and taste. A combination of Khurba, Namkeen tea, and butter is the famous breakfast menu of every home in Baltistan.

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