Benefits Of Shilajit

Benefits Of Shilajit and its Chemistry

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Shilajit Mineral Composition

Following major constients can be found in shilajit: fulvic and folic acid, also contains iron, zincmagnesium, potassium, carotenoids, retinol, B, C, and E vitamins, and many other elements with very smaller ratio. Benefits of Salajeet is un-countable.

Shilajit includes 20% of volume minerals, 15% of protein, 5% of lipids, 5% of steroids and also some carbohydrates, amino acids and alkaloids.

Global name of shilajit

Shilajit is globally known as Asphaltum, Black Bitumen, or Mineral Pitch.

Prime Quality Shilajit


Dabur known to be the prime quality variant because of product quality and effectiveness.Same composition family has the gold shilajit capsules which act as catalyst in boosting the strength of the body with the energy enhancer to the nerves as well. Especially, Dabur capsules demand in the market is so high.

Shilajit Gold is an Ayurvedic formulated component, which is famously known for improving strength, stamina, power and beneficial in overcoming general weakness. It claim to be “Kapikacchu” in it, which has neuroprotective effect and also an antioxidant.

It helps in memory improving, neuroprotective, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant roles.

Purity of Shilajit

Pure and Authentic shilajit can be identified by following key testing methods:

  • Pliability: Melts normally in hands or in range of 35C temperature.
  • Solubility: Its always dissolve in milk or water of above 40 degree easily.
  • Flame: It will not catch flame
  • Form: Can not be crush into powder forms.

Shilajit Health Effects on Women

Shilajit acts as a normalizer in the body to level various hormones in the body especially, strengthen the female reproductive hormones. Shilajit improves the health of reproductive hormones such as estrogen and progesterone, which regulate the female menstrual cycle. Thus, by balancing these hormones results in regular periods and in parallel also helps in productivity.

How long it to take?

Take 1 Shilajit capsule of 1-2 gram with boiled milk after meals, milk temperature should be in between 40-50 degree centigrade. Suggested to continue the same dose for around 2 months for better result.

Effects of Shilajit on Human Body

Brain function of a human can be improve very effectively because of the compounds found in shilajit. After some practical study after using shilajit, the results were very amazing. It slows down the process of ageing and increases longevity.

A research study suggests that Shilajit improved the histopathological NAFLD changes in the liver and indicated the potential applicability of Shilajit as a effective curing agent for NAFLD treatment.

Product Expiry

Temperature: Shilajit may be stored at room temperature. Shilajit may turn harder while it is cold or refrigerated, and softer when it is warmed up. It’s a pure organic compound and don’t expires at all. In case of any additives, the amalgam expired due to additives.

Toxicity of Shilajit

So it may cause toxicity, but recent statistics of a research suggest that long term use of shilajit did not show any toxicity and the iron content of shilajit usually has the equal level of constituent in all the dose and studies show the normal histology of all the organs except the liver and intestine.

Where to get the Shilajit?

You can easily get shilajit from any resident of Gilgit-Baltistan. You may contact us at our social media page: Click Here

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