Barah Valley Khaplu Ghanche

Barah Valley of Khaplu Ghanche

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Barah Valley Khaplu, district Ghanche is very famous for its beauty. Barah valley is known to be the hub of fish farms in Ghanche. This valley having large number of fish farms. A lake at the top of Barah is very famous.

There are numbers of natural water spring in Barah. The womens of Barah are more hardworking than anywhere in Baltistan. Barah is one of the densest populated villages of Ghanche. This valley having more hoteling professionals.

Its 20 minute drive from Khaplu city. Indus River flows next to this majestic valley. This village is among the unexplored jewels of Khaplu.

Khaplu Barah is famous for:

  • Fish farms
  • Fresh and natural water springs
  • Cooking and hoteling professionals

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