Skardu Shigar bridge in winter

Kha-ston (Snow ceremony) centuries-old tradition of Baltistan

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Baltistan is very rich in culture and tradition. The history of their traditions can be linked back to more than two thousand years. They perform their festivals with traditional pomp one of the rituals in Baltistan is “Kha-ston” which means snow ceremony. Initially, the word Khaston derived from another word “kha-lton” which means to show the snow. Precisely, this tradition can be called a modern-day prank. On the occasion of the very first snowfall of the season, mysteriously placed a snowfall on the stove and run away.

This prank is used to play by kids by placing an ice ball on the stove of relatives and neighbors. If the sepoy can escape successfully, he or she will get a royal invitation the very same day. In case of mission failure, he or she has to face physical punishment. The nature of punishment could be of any nature.

This tradition of not followed with as much energy as it should be.

Such traditional activities are very unique in the region. Promotion of such traditions positively helps us to promote tourism in the region.

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