Balti female climber Amina Shigri

Balti female climber Amina Shigri, Blazing mountain as well as social trails

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First Balti female climber Amina Shigri summited Khosar Gang (6400m). The lady stands out from the odds and glitters like a gem.

Female Climber Amina Shigri Khosar Gang Trek

First-ever female Balti Climber Amina Shigri for her 1st ascent of Khusor Gang 6400m, along with her father and brother started on 27 August 2021. She along father and brother summited the Khosar La finally on 4 October 2021. Besides snow, she blazed the trail for all females of the Baltistan region and proving that they can touch skies if given an opportunity. Blazing mountain as well as social trails for the hard-working and marginalized females of the Baltistan region. The lady deserves a salute and huge respect.

So proud of this young lady, Amina Shigri, flanked by her father and brother on the summit, Khosar Gang peak. Do you know what breaking a barrier means? Exactly this is what it looks like. More power to you and wish u a great career ahead.

Amina, her father, and her brother received a warm welcome upon return. In return, she laureated her father and credit him for the success she achieved. Both father and daughter tore down emotionally.

Amina Shigri 1st Balti Female Climber (Khosar La summit photo)

Amina Shigri after the mission

While speaking to the local media, Amina stated that she wants to go as high as a woman can. I will go to even 8ers and will prove to the world that a women’s will is undefeatable.

The journey of Khosar Gang Peak (6401m) was not easy. When it comes to the support of a lion-hearted brother and father stands behind, it became as easy as a baby play. Amina further added that I followed my father and brother along the way to achieve this feat.

“I am very grateful to my father, brother, and especially my uncle Rasool for constant support throughout the journey. Very thankful to the villagers, they also supported us logistically and morally. I am very happy today, but I never saw K2 due to bad weather which remained unfulfilled”, Amina Shigri.

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