Babusar road opening work

Babusar Road Update for tourists and travelers

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Babusar road is expected to open for all sort of traffics by the first week of May. Babusar road clearing work is underway which is expected to take a couple of weeks.

Heavy snow road of Babusar top clearing work is underway, to be executed by local authorities. This road usually opens for traffic by mid of May every year. It’s merely possible to clear the road before the eid holidays. Last year, around one million vehicles turned their way to Babusar top during the Eid holidays, which results in a heavy traffic jam. Traffic remained jam for more than 3 days.

Families are advised to not travel along Babusar road during the eid holidays.

Traffic pollution due to heavy traffic on Babusar top impacting its ecosystem. Rapid ice melting as compared to last decade due to an increase in carbon footprints. To control carbon footprint, authorities must have to come forward.

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