Awami action committee Ghanche, Syed Nazar Kazmi, Akhond Shujaat Sinovi, Tahir Ali Sani

Awami Action Committee of Ghanche: Challenging Power and Championing Change

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Gilgit-Baltistan offers a breathtaking destination for tourists exploring the region within a week. However, beneath its scenic beauty lies a stark reality that often goes unnoticed – the lack of essential infrastructure and public services. It’s a region where civil administration has seemingly turned a blind eye to the struggles faced by the local populace. Recent events have shed light on the power imbalances, exemplified by the unjust imprisonment of three emerging social activists in the underdeveloped district of Ghanche. Their ‘crime’ was simply raising their voices against the incompetence and bias displayed by an assistant commissioner, who seemingly wields absolute power within the region.

This narrative aims to shed light on the sobering reality of our current existence, one that often feels reminiscent of a bygone colonial era. It’s crucial to grasp the underlying issues that afflict our society. These problems don’t stem solely from the military establishment or civil administration but are deeply rooted in the power dynamics that have evolved over time. Government servants, once tasked with serving the public and facilitating regional development, now sometimes perceive themselves as masters rather than servants. The shift in mindset extends even to lower ranks, where accessibility to officials, even up to grade 10 or 12, remains an issue. In our society, reaching out to the deputy commissioner or assistant commissioner can be an insurmountable challenge.

Syed Nazar Kazmi, Tahir Ali Sani, and Akhond Shujaat Sinovi bear the brunt of a collective societal failing. These dedicated social activists find themselves swimming against the current in a sea of hypocrisy, where people often choose to follow the crowd rather than uphold the truth. In such a society, one must question whether it truly deserves selfless leaders like Syed Nazar Kazmi, Tahir Ali Sani, and Akhond Shujaat Sinovi.

That’s a positive development indeed. It’s heartening to see the Awami Action Committee of Ghanche making a significant impact in recent months. Their proactive stance, as demonstrated during the gynecologist issue at DHQ hospital, showcases their determination to resist and challenge the influence of powerful individuals. Their efforts extend to confronting ill-intentioned individuals, whether they hold positions of power or operate behind the scenes, all in the name of upholding the society’s integrity and sovereignty.

This kind of activism and commitment to positive change is essential in bringing about much-needed improvements in the region. It demonstrates the power of collective action and highlights that positive change can be driven by the very people it aims to benefit. This is a story worth sharing to inspire hope and encourage others to stand up for their rights and the betterment of their communities.

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